Though it may seem so, writing is far from a solitary pursuit. In order to write well, a second pair of eyes are crucial.

A critique partner or editor can be the difference between “I loved the book,” and “The book drew me into the world of the characters.”

When I was a junior in high school, I attended my first Writers’ Conference. After participating in a per-conference critique group, I wondered if I even knew how to write. There was so much red all over the beautiful pages of my work. editor

Passive language. Lazy descriptions. Head hopping. Unbelievable plot lines.

Now what?

While it hurt, edits helped me move towards becoming the writer I wanted to be.

I could use a second pair of eyes.

I’d love to be your second pair of eyes!

I will take a one time submission of up to 10 pages of fiction by email. No charge.

Christian or secular (G-PG13. No R please, I will discard it).

Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced.

Edits will be returned to you via track changes in Microsoft Word within a week of being received. I do not keep emails containing your work, no do I keep email addresses.