Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.41.52 AMThe way one person explains a concept might leave a student baffled. Another could completely illuminate a concept.

I do tutor for students in the Lompoc area, with some exceptions for the nearby communities. If you would like to inquire about tutoring, please send me an email and I will provide you with my contact information.

I use texting a a primary means of scheduling and confirming sessions with students

I have my BA in History and a minor in Bible and Theology. Aside from collegiate studies, I have also attended several writers’ conferences where in 2012, I was awarded for a manuscript submission.

Social Studies

I feel that it’s important for students to understand what History has to offer us today. In my approach to Social Studies, I like to ask the question, “how does this relate to me?”

While my research and study was focused on American history, I am also versed in Renaissance, Reformation, European, Medieval, and Early Church history in addition to Geography, Government and Economics.

English & Writing

English and Literature start with understanding the art of written communication. How do we share our worldviews with one another? Taking the very things we imagine and painting a picture for someone else?

My primary skill set is in creative writing, but good writing starts with reading comprehension.

signing-naturally-studentsAmerican Sign Language

At the collegiate level, I have completed both ASL 1 and ASL 2. As my classes were taught using the Signing Naturally text, I am most familiar with the variation of ASL used in that workbook (As with English, as you move across the country, or even the world, there are variations in vocabulary, like a dialect or accent. ASL is similar in that sense).

At the moment, I am only tutoring ASL 1.