Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 8.17.25 PMWhile it certainly isn’t the most flattering photo of myself, you would not believe how challenging it is to get a photo of both human and dog where both are prepared when the camera goes off. So there you have it. Both me and my beagador (which sounds designer but she’s a mutt through and though. Albeit, a lovable mutt).

I grew up all over the beautiful state of California, and that is perhaps why I have fallen in love with the history of it. Everything from the Californios, to the Gold Rush, to the Great Depression and WWII. It’s awfully fun to look into. I’m the plaque reader at most historical parks who just won’t move on. And yes, as a matter of fact, I was raised in a barn (fun fact).

One of these days, I aspire to live in a victorian house as it falls down around me. But in the mean time, I got my BA in History from William Jessup University and I put it to good use writing Christian Historical Romance and Speculative YA (time travel, of course. I can’t seem to escape the history element).

Please follow my blog to keep up with my book reviews and articles on this writing journey I’ve embarked upon. Also, find me on facebook for more pictures of the dog-child and updates on blog posts. signature

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