American History Through Christian Fiction

My mom once told me that most of what she learned in History was from novels tucked under her desk. Now, she also told me that her high school history teacher had a habit of going off on tangents, and her class capitalized on this habit. She may or may not have learned a thing if it weren’t for reading in class.

In my own experience – having met a few historical writers, and invested some time into writing historical fiction myself – there’s a lot of research and effort that goes into creating a world of the past. Even the mindsets and concerns of the characters must be contemporary to the time period.

This said, have you ever wondered what you could learn about history by reading fiction? And have you ever attempted to do so in chronological fashion?

I began to wonder about this a few days ago. I’ve read many Christian Historical Fiction books over the years, and some of them were extremely well done and I walked away having gleaned a thing or two about the period or event during which the story took place.

So I asked my friend and fellow history enthusiast, Madeline Clark, if she would be interested in helping me share some of these books with you, as a timeline of sorts.

I’m so excited for this series of posts. I’ve never gone through my historical fiction library in chronological fashion before, so this should be interesting.

Below, I have our upcoming posts listed. To visit the next post in our series by Madeline Clark, click here.


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4 thoughts on “American History Through Christian Fiction

  1. Pam Robinson says:

    I would like the list of books in American History Through Christian Fiction, not sure what I have to do to get these book titles


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